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 Rules and Regulation Of AHChoir

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulation Of AHChoir   Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:37 pm

Fines & Punishments

1) Late coming immediately 40mins after school's dismissal
- $1 after every 5 minutes

2) Shoes are to be placed properly outside the choir room
- Shoes will be hid

3) Disrupting the speaker In front after 3 reminders
- $1

4) Food and sweet drinks in choir room
- $1 and drinks/food thrown away

5) All scores and a pencil/pen are to be brought to choir
- $1 after every spot check

6) Skipping practices unnecessarily after 3 warnings
- Teacherís assistance

7) Cards/PSPs played during choir after 3 warnings
- Confiscate and fine $1 per device

8) Open defiance to Choir Committee
- Choice of Committee; Max. $1

9) Ringing of hand phone after 3 times
- $1.50

10) Damaged music room facilities or missing scores
- Report to logistics and the committee will decide if there is a need for any payment.

11) Usage of hand phones anytime during choir (other than breaks)
- $1

12) Failure to pay up for any of the funds (e.g. for costumes/choir day etc)
- Interest will be charged accordingly (decision of the treasurer)

*Note: Committee members will have 2 times of the punishment. Interest of X2 after every month from day fined.

If the mistakes are repeatedly made by the same person, the committee has the right to increase/double the fines accordingly.

Procedures and Regulations

1) Every absence has to be supported with a document immediately during the next practice.

2) Only 1 parents letter is allowed per term.

3) Unofficial school eventís (e.g .noticeboard decoration) has to be supported by a letter by the form teacher as well.

4) Any non-school activities which clashes with Friday and Saturday practices have to be reported to either the President, Vice-President or Discipline or Mr Toh, for permission to be excused.

5) If there is a need to leave from choir early, there has to be a valid reason. Inform your SLs about it and relevant documents should be shown. (if any)

6) If you are sick, sit in front of the music room and listen to the sectionals/combines going on.

7) Choir will start 40mins after school.

8) Fine takes effect immediately after 40mins from end of school.

9) Shoes to be left outside on the shoe racks, bags must be placed neatly in the room.

10) Please be aware of your own attire at all times.

11) Respect each other regardless of section, gender or committee.

12) Switch off all mobile phones or turn them to a silent mode during choir practices.

13) Do not meddle with your mobile phones during choir practices.

14) Calls should not be answered during practices (excluding breaks) Should there be any emergency calls, please inform the Presidents / Discipline/ SLs / Mr Toh.

15) Everyone has the responsibility to shift the chairs before choir starts.

16) Different groups of people will be asked to move back the chairs after choir each practice.

17) Chairs are to be lifted up and shift before and after practices, not dragged.

18) Any faulty equipment must be reported to the logistics manager as soon as possible.

19) During sectionals, everyone is to be serious and listen to the section leaders, breaks will be given by the section leadersaccordingly.

20) All scores are to be placed neatly in a choir file, which will be checked occasionally.

21) Do not keep your choir files in the music room.

22) Rules also apply during sectionals (no eating/ using handphones/ PSP etc.)

23) Every choir practice is important.

24) Most importantly, come to choir will an enthusiastic and positive heart. :D

Itís imperative that you follow all the rules and regulations.

*Note: Rules and Regulations may change accordingly, without any notifications unless needed.

Please check the choir blog @ regularly for updates.

©Anglican High Choir, Executive Committee 0809

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Rules and Regulation Of AHChoir
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