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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:32 pm

Rules for the AHSchoir Forum

1. No Advertising:
Advertising is posting a link to your site increase traffic to your web
site, or to promote or sell programs or items on your site or other
people's sites. This is considered spam by most of the members. This
also includes posting links to have users vote for your Web site in
different online competitions and referral links as well. Posting a
link is only okay when you are receiving help in the Web Site Help

2. No Double Posting: The edit button works within five minutes of the
original post, so edit your post if you have anything additional to

3. Keep Language Kid-Friendly: This one is obvious.

4. Respect all forum members:
Everyone should receive the same respect, from ghost to Moderator.
Disrespect will not be tolerated here, as everyone wants to have a
friendly and enjoyable environment. If you feel that you've been
treated badly by a moderator, or other member, please send me a PM.

Important: If you're not a moderator, don't moderate, but DO report bad posts, it's so helpful to us

5. Must be 13: You must be thirteen or over to register on the forum,
or if you are under the age of 13, you need to have parental consent
faxed to me so that you can participate in the forum. These are not my
rules, I can get in trouble if someone under 13 registers here.

6. No Illegal Chat: Any discussion of warez or illegal downloading
(copywritten music, movies etc.) is not permitted, and will be deleted

Thats about all. Have fun!Very Happy
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